3 Revealing Secrets To Why Living On Aruba Is The Best

Most tourists who visit Aruba don’t really know this, but there’s a whole aspect of the Aruban life that looks and feels much different than your every day touristic experience. This goes beyond just trying the local cuisine, learning a bit of the language, and checking out local events. This requires a deep dive into the nuances of culture and life, and living out the reason Aruba is known as One Happy Island. If you’re thinking about relocating and investing in some sweet Aruba real estate, but you’re unsure if you’ll enjoy life there, here are three unspoken reasons the Aruban lifestyle is amazing.

1. Aruba Brings A Balanced Life

Without getting too philosophical, the beauty of vacationing on a paradise island is the distinction it creates between real life and vacation. A life with only sunsets and pristine beaches eventually becomes taken for granted because of the lack of distinction. The wonderful secret of life on Aruba, is that it creates a perfect blend of the two. For most Arubans, school, jobs, and family make up the majority of a typical weekly schedule. This may seem mundane, and to an extent isn’t it for everyone? We all know people work to live, not live to work. What makes Aruba special is that when the opportunity presents itself, it’s a simple drive to paradise. No expensive plane tickets, no hotel reservations, just pack up the car and go. Having a lifestyle of school, work, and family interrupted by moments of beach, bliss, and beauty with little to no effort is something no Aruban would give up. Others around the world may relate with the idea of working hard all year with a week of vacation; Aruba can relate to the idea of working hard all year with sporadic mini-beach vacation trips at no cost spread throughout the year. It encourages an integrated life of work and play, making locals generally happier people.

2. Aruba Encourages An Easy Life

The pace of life in bigger countries such as the USA, is significantly faster. The presence of heavy industrialization and big corporations mean that the work force needs to keep moving. This creates high-stress, high-pressure environments in which people are expected to live and thrive in. While Aruba isn’t exactly the antithesis of this notion, Aruba does find itself at an easier, more relaxed pace. Some people would consider routine very mundane; while others, will be grateful for the routine because it facilitates what’s important: Making time for family, and loved ones. You’ll hardly find anyone on the island being overwhelmingly overworked. Aruba thus becomes even more ideal for young families, or couples looking to retire.

3. Aruba Creates A Connected Life

One thing locals will be quick to admit: Aruba does not have as many things to do as bigger countries like the USA. We may have the beach, but we don’t have as many spectator-sport options, concert choices, theatre, ballet, plays, musicals, or magic shows. We have one escape room (and once you’ve done it, that’s kind of it for escape rooms), a couple of bowling alleys, and a handful of local clubs, bars, and lounges. But this actually works in the Aruban lifestyle’s favor. The limited options in Aruba creates a lifestyle where it’s not what you do that makes it fun, it’s with whom you do it. Aruba does not thrive on spectating, but on doing. So you’ll find that locals are often more interested in gathering friends together for a game of soccer or baseball at the local rec center. And perhaps the same beach gets visited over twenty times a year, the deep friendships that are created by the interconnectivity of the lifestyle here is irreplaceable.

So with that, hopefully, any concerns about enjoying life on Aruba are now gone.
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